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Din 6mm 8mm SS304 316 Hydraulic Stainless Steel Tube

  • Carbon/Stainless Steel

  • 304/304l/316/316l/316Ti/321/410

  • JIS3448/3447/3446/3459/3463


Din 6mm 8mm SS304 316 Hydraulic Stainless Steel Tube

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Din 6mm 8mm SS304 316 Hydraulic Stainless Steel Tube Supplier


These DIN stainless steel tubes for hydraulic systems are made of high-quality SS304 and SS316 materials. With high corrosion resistance and excellent weldability, it is widely used in many industrial fields.

A 6mm hydraulic stainless steel tube is a specific type of tubing designed for use in hydraulic systems, where resistance to corrosion, high pressure, and fluid compatibility are essential. Here's a description of key features:

  1. Size and Dimension: The tube has an outer diameter (OD) of 6mm. The wall thickness may vary based on specific requirements and standards.

  2. Material: It is made from stainless steel, a corrosion-resistant alloy that ensures durability and longevity, even in harsh operating environments. Common stainless steel grades for hydraulic tubing include 304 and 316.

  3. Corrosion Resistance: Stainless steel provides excellent resistance to corrosion, making it well-suited for hydraulic applications where exposure to moisture, chemicals, or other corrosive elements is common.

  4. Seamless Construction: Many hydraulic stainless steel tubes are seamless, meaning they are manufactured without weld seams. This seamless construction enhances the tube's structural integrity and reduces the risk of leakage or failure.

  5. Precision Tolerances: Hydraulic systems require precision components. The 6mm hydraulic stainless steel tube is manufactured to tight tolerances to ensure compatibility with fittings, valves, and other hydraulic system components.

  6. High Pressure Capability: Hydraulic systems often operate under high pressure. The stainless steel tube is designed to withstand the pressure exerted by hydraulic fluids without deformation or failure.

  7. Temperature Resistance: Stainless steel tubes are known for their ability to withstand a wide range of temperatures, making them suitable for hydraulic systems that may experience temperature variations.

  8. Surface Finish: The tube may have a polished or smooth surface finish to facilitate the flow of hydraulic fluids and reduce the likelihood of contamination.

  9. Compatibility with Hydraulic Fluids: The stainless steel material is chosen for its compatibility with various hydraulic fluids, ensuring that the tube won't degrade or react adversely with the fluid used in the system.

  10. Application Flexibility: The 6mm size makes this tube suitable for applications where space constraints or specific design considerations dictate the use of a smaller-diameter tubing.

Application field:

  • Hydraulic and pneumatic systems

  • Fuel delivery system

  • Pharmaceutical and food processing equipment

  • Chemical and chemical fiber industries


Dia 6mm 8mm SS304 316 Hydraulic Stainless Steel Tube

Delivery condition: AP, BA, CFA, CFP

Other sizes and material available upon request

OD: 1mm-250mm
WT: 0.05mm- 50mm

OD +/-0.05mm
ID +/-0.05mm
Other sizes, grades and special tolerance available upon request

Product packaging

  • Clean, dry packaging environment

  • Waterproof, rust-proof packing materials Wooden boxes, pallets or other packing methods required by customers

  • Arrange safe international transportation


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